Fuel Tank Senders

Quicksilver Mercury Marine and Mercruiser Fuel Tank Senders

Mercury Marine Fuel Tank Senders feature quality construction.
They feature guaranteed calibrated readings from 33 to 240 Ohm's.
This sender can be used for gas or diesel.
Kit includes gaskets and screws.

Float-on-lever Fuel Tank Sender Analog Fuel Tank Sender SmartCraft Digital 3-pole Fuel Tank sender
Standard Analog Sender (12v)(33-240 ohm)
Adjusts for tanks 4" to 24" in depth.
Includes gasket and screws.
MicroController Analog Sender (12V)(2-Pole)
Can be used for Oil, Diesel or Gasoline containing up to 10% Ethanol
Senders come in 12", 24" and 36" Lengths and can be cut.*
Sender has no moving parts.
Analog Fuel Tank Sender
MicroController Digital Sender (SmartCraft)(3-Pole)
Used with Digital SmartCraft Gauges only.
Comes in 12" and 24" Lengths and can be cut as required.*
Digital Fuel Tank Sender for SmartCraft Gauges
* Please follow special instructions for cutting sender. Sender Includes instructions.


Use EXTREME CARE to prevent fuel spillage or build up of fuel vapors in your bilge. Fuel is very dangerous and one small spark or flame can cause a fire and/or explosion. Fuel vapors or liquid can cause fire, explosion, damage, injury or death. Never remove a fuel sender if your fuel tank is full or near full as fuel can poor out the top of your tank. Always disconnect and/or remove your battery(s) and all voltage sources from the vessel BEFORE working on your fuel system. Do not expose any fuel if your engine is hot. Work in a well ventilated area as liquid fuel and/or fuel vapors can cause medical problems and/or death. Avoid contact with fuel and wash with soap and water as soon as possible to prevent injury or illness. Bottom line.... Safety Comes First!