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Tips! Use a small wrench or screwdriver of the correct size when removing your old sender screws. It is very common for the screws to be corroded in the top of the tank. Exercise patience. Spray the sender screws with PB Blaster or some other brand of good penetrating lube and let the screws soak for a few days. NEVER use heat or a torch on the sender screws or the fuel will explode causing damage, injury or death. NEVER drill out a screw as one spark from the drill can cause an explosion. ALWAYS check your new sender for leaks and corrosion. Keep it sprayed with a good anti-corrosion spray like brand LPS#3, Corrosion Block or Corrosion-X. Prevent water from puddling on top of your fuel tank. Replace any tank that has excess corrosion or any other questionable condition, cracks or leaks.


Use EXTREME CARE to prevent fuel spillage or build up of fuel vapors in your bilge. Fuel is very dangerous and one small spark or flame can cause a fire and/or explosion. Fuel vapors or liquid can cause fire, explosion, damage, injury or death. Never remove a fuel sender if your fuel tank is full or near full as fuel can poor out the top of your tank. Always disconnect and/or remove your battery(s) and all voltage sources from the vessel BEFORE working on your fuel system. Do not expose any fuel if your engine is hot. Work in a well ventilated area as liquid fuel and/or fuel vapors can cause medical problems and/or death. Avoid contact with fuel and wash with soap and water as soon as possible to prevent injury or illness. Bottom line.... Safety Comes First!

Return Policy

There are NO RETURNS on special order or electrical items. There are NO RETURNS on any fuel senders over 12" in length. Senders over 12" are custom cut. There are NO RETURNS on digital senders. Please confirm the depth of your tank and the style of your sender before ordering.